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Entertain your creative side, think on your feet, and speak loud and proud with educational experiences for schools and groups.

Get creative with your class.

Looking for engaging arts programs for your school, for an unforgettable field trip, or to participate in with friends or colleagues? Ensemble Theatre offers a variety of different programs, workshops, and residencies for schools and groups designed to inspire you to take on the world with creativity and passion, no matter your age.

Whether you’re seeking a program centered on modern life skills and communication or improvisation and fundamental acting methods, we have something everyone can enjoy.

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Email our Education Department or call (513) 421-3555 x3207 to register your school or group for one of these programs!

A teaching artist excitedly sharing something with students

Shows for students

A group of 6 people of various genders and ethnicities are dressed in rags, resembling thorns. They all have angry or fearful facial expressions.

Fairy Godmother performances

Each season, our Fairy Godmother Program brings thousands of children and teens, whose schools have little or no arts funding, to experience the magic of live theatre for free. The program also includes bus transportation, snacks at intermission, meeting the cast, and take-home enrichment activities.


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Students on a bus waving at the camera behind the window

Student Matinees

Our student matinees are open to public, private, and home schools as well as to other educational groups and are the same professional productions staged for evening and weekend audiences. In addition, free pre- and post-show discussions are available to add on to your trip and teachers receive downloadable study guides,


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Residencies and classes

Our arts residencies are customized to each participating group’s academic priorities and offer flexible scheduling that can span between 4 weeks to 9 months depending upon your needs.

A student smiling while wearing a bear costume

Prelude Program

Our flagship arts education program fulfills Common Core Standards using the dynamic, collaborative, and fun process of theatre. This in-school residency is a fun and interactive hands-on introduction to theatre and allows students to write, design, rehearse, and perform their own play. The program engages students to be active arts participants and work collectively, encouraging creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills.


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A teaching artist kneeling, smiling, and holding their hand out to a student with a development disability

Hunter Heartbeat

Centered on Shakespeare’s works, this program uses theatre to teach social, communication, and life skills to students with Autism and other developmental disabilities. Sessions are typically a three- to nine-month commitment and are customized to students’ needs.


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Looking for something else?

Ensemble Theatre’s list of residencies is always growing. If you’re seeking other specific experiential theatre residencies, please email our Education Department for more information.


Ensemble Theatre presents numerous different in-school and virtual workshops for all educational ranges and needs. Explore the growing list of different workshops, ranging from one to two sessions each, offered throughout the year. Contact our Education Department to book a workshop!

Two women stand back to back. One has red, shoulder-length hair and is wearing a black v-neck sweater. The woman on the right is wearing a black fedora and a red trench coat. There is an air of mystery and suspicion between them.

Interactive Storytelling

We invite participants to work with our artists to complete a customized story-creation template. Once the story is crafted, students work to bring their creation to life through performance. The story templates and workshop format are personalized to fit each groups’ ages, abilities, interests, and curriculum. Storytelling is a one-time workshop, or as a series with progressively challenging templates that engage students’ skills in vocabulary, reading comprehension, and character development.

Appropriate for ages 3+

A man in a white shirt, olive pants, and a striped tie sits on the ground of a messy office as he points to the left; another man sits behind him while typing on a typewriter

Improve Your Life with Improv

Ever watch “Whose Line is it Anyway?” and wish you could join the actors on stage? In this introduction to improv workshop, students learn the basics of improvisation in a fun, high-energy setting. Focus is placed on students thinking on their toes, collaboration, and letting go of their inhibitions.

Recommended for participants age 6+

A woman with a blue shirt and black zip-up jacket sits at a table with a man in a grey shirt and glasses

It’s Not What You Say, It’s How You Say It

How often have you heard (or said), “don’t take that tone with me”? In this workshop, students explore the power of voice and how to use it safely and wisely. From there, they will work to create their own unique character using the power of their voice. Other topics addressed in this workshop include: stage fright, public speaking, and vocal health.

Recommended for participants ages 7+


Looking for classes and workshops for adults?

Visit our For Community page to learn about additional offerings!


Older white female teacher (left) lectures young male student as he talks back (mid), female cheerleader stands to left in classroom cheering.

Educator Resources

Set the stage for arts education success and integrate live theatre easily into your curriculum with free show study guides and information on local partners, grant funding, and anti-racist classroom guides.

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Explore our other programs

Photo credits | Fairy Godmother, cast of Sleeping Beauty (Ryan Kurtz); Interactive Storytelling, Annie Fitzpatrick & Morgan Grahame in Dead Man’s Cell Phone (Sandy Underwood); Improv, Warren Kelly and David Arden Engel in Moonlight and Magnolias (Sandy Underwood); What You Say, Sara Mackie and Michael Bath in Mauritius (Sandy Underwood); Educator resources, Dale Hodges, R. Graham Rogers, & Esther Cunningham in Sex and Education (Mikki Schaffner).