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We’re your supporting cast, providing free study guides and other resources to integrate live theater easily into your curriculum!

Setting the stage for arts education success.

As a theatre, we know what community and connections can do to help people and organizations when they need it. Below you can find various resources for local support in arts education, grants for theatre arts education programs, books, anti-racism resources, and more.

We see our position as educator support for classroom teachers. The partnership between our teaching artists and school administration is a balance between what each school needs, and what we are able to provide. If you find that there are further resources you would like to see from us, please reach out to our Director of Education, Engagement, and Inclusion at (513) 421-3555 x2110.

Three women all wearing bright and outlandish clothing look toward the upper right corner in surprise.

Local Support

Looking for local organizations with which to collaborate in or out of the classroom? Here's a short list to get you started:

Grants & funding

If your school has a lack of arts funding or state/district budget cuts for arts education, here are some funding options that may be able to assist:

Schools receive funding for arts education programs from school districts, PTA/PTOs, grants, foundations, and/or parent donations. Speak with your principal to identify how your school’s theatre arts program is supported.


Arts and education grants


Donors Choose

Crayola Grant Program

Ohio Arts Council | Artist Express


Transportation grants

Ohio Arts Council | Big Yellow Schoolbus

Art Links Art Bus | contact artlinks@cpsboe.k12.oh.us or call (513) 562-3031 to inquire

Anti-racism resources

If you're seeking anti-racism resources for adults in arts and education or for personal insight and growth, start with some of these:

Support our local Black community

If you're looking for Black-owned businesses and organizations to support, explore these guides and organizations:

Photo credits | Masthead, Dale Hodges, Graham Rogers, & Esther Cunningham Scherer in Sex and Education (Mikki Schaffner); Setting the stage, cast of Cinderella: After Ever After (Mikki Schaffner); Anti-racism resources, Angelica Santiago & Jay Wade in Pipeline (Ryan Kurtz).