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2024–2025 SEASON

Join us for our 39th season and step into someone else’s world! This season includes a hilarious buddy comedy, an intimate and keep-you-guessing drama, two regional premieres that will be the first productions following hit Broadway runs, and the return of a beloved, whimsical musical!

This season is an invitation—an invitation to walk into somebody else’s world for two hours and discover the underlying humor and resilience of these unique and compelling characters!

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The Garbologists by Lindsay Joelle. September 14-October 6, 2024. Regional premiere comedy.

The Garbologists

Regional Premiere Comedy
By Lindsay Joelle
Sep 14–Oct 6, 2024

Two essential workers from different worlds discover there’s more that binds them than taking out the trash in this off-beat buddy comedy. Danny and Marlowe are polar opposites: he’s a gruff NYC sanitation worker hiding a heart of gold, and she’s a determined Ivy-League-educated “newbie” assigned to his route. Amidst their shifts spent bickering, they each have some wisdom to share, but will the other listen? When thrown together to pick up what the world has discarded, they learn that some things are easier to toss than others.

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Alice in Wonderland. Book by Joseph McDonough. Music and lyrics by David Kisor. Family-friendly musical. December 4 - 29, 2024

Alice in Wonderland

Family-Friendly Musical
Book by Joseph McDonough | Music & lyrics by David Kisor
Dec 4–29, 2024

Based on the beloved, imaginative tale by Lewis Carroll, this modern retelling is the toe-tapping story of a lost girl, a cool cat, a wild hare, and the original “dancing queen.” When ever-curious Alice falls from her own world into another, she must find her way home with the help of some whimsical and wonderful characters. Rewritten by creative team Joseph McDonough and David Kisor and featuring an updated score and exuberant colorful costumes, this cherished musical will delight audiences of all ages this holiday season.

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I Need That. By Theresa Rebeck. February 8-March 2, 2025. Regional premiere comedy.

I Need That

Regional Premiere Comedy
By Theresa Rebeck
Feb 8–Mar 2, 2025

Meet Sam, an obsessive pack rat bordering on hoarder lost in his own possessions. Faced with the threat of eviction unless he cleans up his property, he can’t seem to let go of anything, despite pleas from his daughter and his friend of thirty years. In his attempt to hold onto his things and thus hold onto his past and himself, Sam is forced to reckon with what’s trash, what’s treasure, and whether we can ever know the difference between the two. Award-winning playwright Theresa Rebeck (Omnius Gatherum, NBC’s Smash) directs this hilarious, heartfelt, and human play about life’s messes following its successful Broadway run.

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The Sound Inside. By Adam Rapp. April 5-27, 2025. Regional premiere drama

The Sound Inside

Regional Premiere Drama
By Adam Rapp
Apr 5–27, 2025

Tony Award Nominee

Bella Baird is a brilliant writer and Ivy League professor who prizes her solitude. But when she faces a challenge she cannot tackle alone, she allies herself with a talented and enigmatic student, Christopher. As their lives and the stories they tell about themselves become intertwined in unpredictable ways, Bella asks an unthinkable favor of Christopher—but is it undoable? Deeply moving and brimming with suspense, Adam Rapp’s thrilling play explores the power we hold over each other and questions the limits of what we can ask of others.

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Jaja's African Hair Braiding. By Jocelyn Bioh. May 31-June 22, 2025. Regional premiere dramedy.

Jaja’s African Hair Braiding

Regional Premiere Dramedy
By Jocelyn Bioh
May 31–June 22, 2025

2024 Tony Award Nominee

Welcome to Jaja’s bustling hair braiding shop in Harlem where every day, a lively and eclectic group of West African immigrant hair braiders are creating masterpieces on the heads of neighborhood women. During one sweltering summer day, love will blossom, dreams will flourish, and secrets will be revealed. The uncertainty of these immigrant women’s circumstances simmers below the surface of their lives, and when it boils over, this tight-knit community is forced to confront what it means to be an outsider on the edge of the place they call home. Written by award-winning Ghanian-American playwright Jocelyn Bioh (School Girls; Or, The African Mean Girls Play), this boisterous and heartwarming play makes its regional premiere following its dazzling Broadway debut!

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Photo credits | Tickets, Bryant Bentley, Burgess Byrd, & Leslie Goddard Baum in Detroit ’67 (Mikki Schaffner); Accessibility, Nathan Robert Pecchia & Phil Fiorini in Fly By Night (Ryan Kurtz); Plan Your Visit, Kathleen Wise in Grounded (Ryan Kurtz).