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We’re always looking for new talent to shine on our stage and seek to include actors of all body sizes, ages, ethnicities, genders, and abilities to audition.

Your time to shine!

Ensemble Theatre does not have a resident actor company and we are always looking for new talent. As a Professional LOA-LORT/Equity Theatre, we predominantly hire actors who are members of Actors’ Equity Association.

We hire non-union actors when possible and in accordance with the union rules. More information about Actors’ Equity can be found at actorsequity.org.

We are committed to equity, diversity, and inclusion in all areas of our work, including on our stage. We seek to hire actors who reflect our world and strongly encourage people of all ages, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and backgrounds to audition. EOE/AA employer.

A woman with long brown hair and bangs sits in a chair alone. Behind here are three barred doors.
An actress, with short brown wavy hair, wearing a blue linen dress, sitting on a yellow covered sofa, with a red cushion behind her. She is learning her lines from a film script that is printed on white A4 paper. Her characters part is highlighted with pink highlighter pen. She is wearing a coloured beaded necklace and bracelet. The view is taken from behind her with the script out of focus.

Meals 4 Monologues

Our open auditions, Meals 4 Monologues, is part of a nationwide Casting Society of America effort to support local food banks while seeking talent. Open to all Equity union and non-union actors for future theatre, film, TV, and/or commercial projects cast by D. Lynn Meyers, CSA, this call is for all interested without regard to previous experience and with a strong emphasis on diversity and inclusion.

These auditions are typically held in the first or second week of December each year. Dates and instructions for our 2024 Meals 4 Monologues will be shared later this fall. Audition appointment times will not be available to reserve prior to then.

Show-specific auditions

Ensemble Theatre artistic staff, in consultation with directors, hires actors on a show-by-show basis during the season, and auditions for individual shows are by invitation only.

Open auditions

We hold open auditions annually through our Meals 4 Monologues open casting call as well as other open calls occasionally throughout the year including calls for actors with disabilities and indigenous actors.

Currently, there are no upcoming general auditions scheduled aside from Meals 4 Monologues.

Submitting your headshot

Ensemble Theatre maintains records of Tristate-area actors. We keep headshots and résumés of actors who have worked at and/or auditioned for the theater in the past 5 years.

Submit a current headshot and résumé by emailing us.

Out-of town actors

Throughout the year, Equity actors visiting from out of town are welcome to request an audition appointment by emailing us. Auditions are scheduled on a time-available basis.

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Photo credits | Top right, Regina Pugh in The Other Place (Ryan Kurtz); Acting Apprentice Program, Kadeem Ali Harris and Molly Israel in Love and Information (Mikki Schaffner); Classes & Workshops, Darnell Pierre Benjamin; Volunteer, Cast of Ripcord (Ryan Kurtz); Jobs, Bruce Cromer in An Iliad (Ryan Kurtz).