Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati

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Grand Horizons

Now-Feb. 5

Laugh out loud

Photo credits | Masthead, Dale Hodges, Nick Cearley, Shonita Joshi, Jared Joplin, and Joneal Joplin in Grand Horizons; Summer Camps, (Mikki Schaffner); Pop-Up Cabaret, Cast of Cinderella: After Ever After; Gift voucher, Jordan Trovillion and Shonita Joshi in Queen (Mikki Schaffner); Professional Apprentice Program, Kadeem Ali Harris and Molly Israel in Love and Information (Mikki Schaffner); Production History, Ginny Hoffman & Gary Sandy in A Streetcar Named Desire (Sandy Underwood); First Timer’s Guide, Brooke Steele in The Frog Princess. All images by Ryan Kurtz unless otherwise noted.